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Legionella Test Legionella Analysis for Air Conditioning Units, Cooling Towers, Hot Tubs, Spas, Jacuzzis Water sources identified as a potential source of risk of legionella are tested via this off-the-shelf analysis package. We dispatch a sterile bottle and sampling instructions, and the sample can then be returned in the pre-paid packaging. The Bacteriological Tests are carried out by a specialist laboratory to the highest standards, and the reports provided are suitable for Environmental Health Officers and the HSE. The analysis determines the presence or absence of Legionella and if isolated, the serogroup of the strain. Legionella is a common isolate in the natural environment, and under certain conditions is can proliferate in domestic and industrial water systems. Control can be achieved using temperature control, biocidal control, or other methods identified as being adequate in a risk assessment. The risk assessment of water services may also identify certain areas of risk that require specific attention. One way to determine the effectiveness of any control strategy is to perform microbiolocal sampling on a defined basis. Systems that have a poor record of legionella control may require regular monitoring until results improve, while systems with adequate legionella control may enjoy more infrequent sampling. We can dispatch a sterile sample bottle, sampling instructions, and return packaging to allow the sample to get back to the laboratory. The UKAS accredited lab will analyse the sample and report back with a certificate of results. Where legionella bacteria are identified, we will contact you and offer advice as to the most appropriate action to take to remedy the situation. Legionella is a slow-growing bacteria that is stable in sample bottles. The time taken for the sample to reach the laboratory will have negligible impact on the quality of the result as long as dispatch is not unduly delayed after the sample has been taken.