AF20 Wastewater Antifoam 25L


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AF20 Wastewater Antifoam AF20 Wastewater Antifoam is a non-silicone based antifoam for waste water treatment plants which is NOT suitable for bioreactor installations. Our antifoam waste water treatment is designed to control foam and eliminate entrained air in many different types of industrial processes. Antifoam can be useful within a range of processes, these include, but is not exclusive to, producing coatings, paints, latex, chemical processing. However, this particular product is specifically suited to be used within industrial waste water treatment plants. AF20 Waste Water Antifoam has many properties that make it particularly effective at both eliminating and preventing excessive foam, the main one being its water dispersibility. It also has a slight insolubility, is relatively stable and has a high degree of spreadability when within the foaming system. Not suitable for food processes. Please note that this UK manufacturer currently takes three weeks to deliver because of demand. This product is part of our Waste Water range of products, if you work within this industry and are looking for more products to suit your needs, click here to view our full range of Waste Water products. Please note: his product can only be delivered to commercial premises.

    • H318 Causes serious eye damage.
    • R41 - Risk of serious damage to eyes