Ferric Chloride 40% 1000L


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Ferric Chloride 40% 1000L Ferric Chloride 40% 1000L, also known as Iron (III) Chloride in an inorganic compound with the formula FeCl3. It is as common compound of iron when it is in the +3 oxidisation state. Ferric chloride is a compound of iron and sulphate in the ratio of 3:2, it mainly works as a catalyst, a mordant and an astringent, it takes the form of a dark brown or yellow liquid that is soluble in water at all concentrations. Industrially, it is used in sewage treatment and drinking water production as coagulant and flocculant. In slightly basic water, it reacts with the hydroxide ion to form a floc of iron hydroxide, which can remove suspended materials. It is used as a leaching agent in chloride hydrometallurgy as well. It is also used for etching copper in a two-step redox reaction to form copper (I) chloride and then copper (II) chloride which is then useable in the production of circuit boards. As a catalyst, it is used in the reaction of ethylene with chlorine, forming ethylene dichloride, which is mainly used in the production of vinyl chloride, the monomer needed for making PVC. It can also be used in a variety of industries, such as water treatment, suspended solid removal and in the bonding of Hydrogen Sulphide; it also works as a flocculation agent and as a raw material in the production of pigments and other iron compounds. For a smaller quantity, click here. Please note this product can only be delivered to commercial premises.