Ferric Sulphate 40% 200L


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Ferric Sulphate 40% 200L Ferric Sulphate 40% 200L, which is also referred to as Iron (III) Sulphate is a corrosive and acidic solution. It takes the form of a brown-yellow liquid that, at all concentrations, is soluble in water. Ferric sulphate is generally used as a solution generated from iron wastes. It is generated and handled as an aqueous solution, that is produced on a large scale by treating sulfuric acid, a hot solution of ferrous sulphate and an oxidising agent. Typical oxidising agents used include chlorine, nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Naturally, ferric sulphate occurs in some unimportant minerals. For example, it is in mikasaite, which is connected with coal fires; naturally occurring ferric sulphate is rare to come by. Ferric sulphate is notably corrosive to copper, copper alloys and mild and galvanised steel. In water treatment, Ferric Sulphate 40% 200L is used in the treatment of raw water in the supply of either potable water or industrial process water. It is also used to treat waste water as well as in sludge treatment at waste water treatment plants. It is used as a coagulant for industrial wastes and in pigments, as well as in pickling baths for aluminium and steel. To view our full range of basic chemicals, please click here. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE DELIVERED TO COMMERCIAL PREMISES.