Heatsavr Peristaltic Pump


£332.00 each

Heatsavr Peristaltic Pump with low level warning and alarm   The most cost effective energy saving product for swimming pools Heatsavr enables any swimming pool to reap the unquestionable energy saving benefits of a pool cover without any of the aesthetic or practical disadvantages.   Heatsavr is a patented product developed over 16 years ago by Flexible Solutions of Canada, an AMEX quoted company which is in the forefront of evaporation control   Heatsavr is a bio-degradable liquid, which forms a transparent monomolecular layer over the surface of a swimming pool whenever it is calm. This layer significantly reduces evaporation, which not only saves on water heating but with indoor pools can reduce the cost of humidity control and air heating requirements.   An automatic dosing system ensures that the correct dose of Heatsavr is added to the pool at the same time each day.   - Proven Energy savings up to 50%   - Reduces humidity on indoor pools   - Transparent   - more aesthetically acceptable than a conventional cover   - More hygienic   - conventional covers require stringent and regular cleaning to avoid bacterial growth   - click here for report - Far more convenient, simpler and easier to use than a conventional cover   - Greater flexibility   - works whenever the pool surface is reasonably calm 24 hours per day   - works to greater or lesser degree dependant on pool activity   - Equally effective on deck level pools - Automatic dosing ensures correct and reliable application   - Fully and independently tested for Safety   - Non-Toxic and Biodegradable   - Undetectable by pool users   - tasteless, odourless, no residue on hair or clothing   - Saves water otherwise lost by evaporation.