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Malic Acid 25kg Bag Malic acid is a dicarboxylic acid; it is synthesised naturally by all living organisms. Malic acid occurs naturally in all fruits and many vegetables, and is generated in fruit metabolism. It contributes a pleasantly sour, fruity taste, and is widely used as a food additive. Malic acid has two stereoisomeric forms (L- and D-enantiomers), though only the L-isomer exists naturally. It is present in grapes and in most wines, with concentrations sometimes as high as 5 g/l. It confers a tart taste to wine, although the amount decreases with increasing fruit ripeness. The taste of malic acid is very clear and pure in rhubarb, a plant for which it is the primary flavor. Malic acid, when added to food products, is denoted by E number E296. It is used with or in place of the less sour citric acid in sour sweets. Malic acid intensifies the impact of many flavours in foods or beverages, often reducing the amount of flavour needed; it improves aftertaste by extending the impact of some flavours; it increases ‘burst’ and aromaticity of some flavour notes in beverage applications; and it boosts savoury flavours in snack food coatings. Malic acid is widely used in the manufacture of confectioneries, fruit preparations and preserves desserts, and bakery products with fruit fillings. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE DELIVERED TO COMMERCIAL PREMISES. 

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