Monopropylene Glycol FG/USP IBC


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Monopropylene Glycol FG/USP IBC Monopropylene Glycol FG/USP IBC, also known as propylene glycol is a viscous, colourless liquid which is basically odourless, though it does possess a mild, sweet taste. Its chemical formula is CH3CH(OH)CH2OH. It contains two alcohol groups so it is classed as a diol. It is miscible with a broad range of solvents, these include acetone, water and chloroform. In general, glycols do not irritate and have very low volatility. Industrially, it is produced from propylene oxide. Manufacturers use either a non-catalytic, high temperature process at 200°C or a catalytic method, that takes place between 150°C and 180°C., in the presence of an ion exchange resin or a small amount of sulfuric acid or other alkali. To create USP/JP/EP/BP grade monopropylene glycol, further purification is carried out. It has many uses, one of its primary uses is as a chemical feedstock for the production of unsaturated polyester resins. In the food industry, it is used in various edible items, such as coffee-based drinks, ice cream, whipped dairy products, liquid sweeteners and soda. It is also used in a range of personal items, including hand sanitizer, as a humectant to prevent skin from drying. In pharmaceuticals, it is often used as a solvent, including in oral, injectable and topical formulations. It is used as a component in anti-freeze products, the freezing point of water is depressed when mixed with monopropylene glycol. To view our full range of food products, click here. Monopropylene Glycol USP grade has a minimum purity of 99.8%. This grade has a wide number of uses across food, flavourings, pharmaceutical and personal care products. It is used as a ‘carrier’ in e-cigarette / vape products, delivering the flavour and providing a throat-hit which ex-smokers look for in vape products. It is also used as an emulsifier in cosmetics, humectant in foods and a plasticiser in personal care products such as hand gels and moisturising creams. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE DELIVERED TO COMMERCIAL PREMISES.