Sodium hypochlorite 14/15% With CALGON 20L


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Sodium hypochlorite 14/15% With CALGON 20L Sodium hypochlorite 14/15% With CALGON 20L is a liquid sanitiser and disinfectant for routine use. Driveway cleaner and washer. Chlorine source for shock treatment of pools and spas. Ideal for treatment of heavily used pools, particularly those which are installed indoors. Suitable for direct dosing or for dosage using injection equipment. Alkaline – tends to raise pool water pH. DOSE INFORMATION (SWIMMING POOLS) - To obtain maximum benefit from Liquid Chlorine, the pH of the pool water should be maintained around 7.5 and between 7.2 and 7.6 at all times. The value of chlorine will be reduced above this level. Use 600ml Liquid Chlorine per 100 cubic metres of pool water to raise the free chlorine level by approximately 1.0 ppm. This is a general guide for private pools. Heavily used pools and those maintained at higher temperatures may require increased dosage. Test for actual requirements by using a pool side kit or test strip - adjusting the dose rate as necessary to maintain a minimum free chlorine level of 2.0 ppm. Please take care as this is a dangerous product. Calgon has the molecular formula of Na6O18P6, it is added to this mix of Sodium Hypochlorite as it is intended for use in pools. Calgon is a water softener, it works by causing calcium and magnesium ions of hard water to displace sodium ions from the anion of Calgon. In a pool, this means that calgon helps to prevent blockages in the pipework.   Click here to view the returnable option.