HeatSavr Liquid 12 x 1 Litres


£269.50 each

HeatSavr is a bio-degradable liquid which forms a transparent monomolecular layer over the surface of a swimming pool or spa whenever it is calm. This layer significantly reduces evaporation, which not only saves on water heating with outdoor pools but can also cut the cost of humidity control and air heating requirements for indoor pools. DOSING HeatSavr should be dosed daily at the same time each day. Normally this is at the end of the day after the last use of the pool. The amount of HeatSavr required is based primarily on the surface area of water as this is where the molecular layer forms. It is not an exact science and the optimum dose can vary from pool to pool. For normal temperature pools ie. 28 to 30 degrees C, the recommended daily dose rate is 0.8ml/m2 for in-ground pools with skimmers or 1.0ml/m2 for deck level or above-ground pools. eg. 10 x 5 metre pool, surface area = 50 m2. In-ground pool daily dose = 50 x 0.8 = 40ml/day Above-ground or deck level pool, daily dose = 50 x 1.0 = 50ml/day. HeatSavr biodegrades slower at lower temperatures so the lower the pool temperature the lower the ideal dose rate. Rate of biodegradation is also affected by light so that in a dark pool hall a lower rate might apply Spas and Hydrotherapy Pools – as HeatSavr biodegrades quicker at higher temperatures these require a higher dose rate – up to a maximum of 4ml/m2. Please consult us regarding recommended dose for a particular application.