Heatsavr Peristaltic Pump+25L tank/bund/and alarm  


£462.50 each

Heatsavr Peristaltic Pump+25L tank/bund/and alarm The Heatsavr dosing system is a reliable, accurate and convenient way to ensure Heatsavr is added to the pool on a regular daily basis. Each dosing unit is programmable to provide the optimum dose of Heatsavr and at a scheduled time most suitable for the pool concerned. General Dosing unit with built in programmer Wall mounting plate Rawplugs and screws for mounting plate Stainless steel Injector (1/8” BSP) with in-built non return valve. Suction and delivery tubes Operating Manual Rubber bung with automatic air vent 25 litre day tank with bund Standard commercial kit: Suction line strainer end fitting. Suction line weight Optional low level alarm version: Suction device with low level switch