Mould Release Oil B 25L


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Mould Release Oil B 25L   Mould Release Oil B is a water soluble, oil based, concrete mould release agent (C & CA designation CS category 4). It is designed to be an effective, economical mould release agent, supplied in concentrate form to be diluted to 10% with water for use.   Applications - Mould Release Oil B is suitable for use on non-porous mould materials in the production of relatively simple components such as flagstones, kerbstones, fence posts, etc. where a good stain free surface is required. The emulsion should be prepared by adding the concentrate to water (rather than water to the concentrate) with continuous stirring, this will produce a stable milky emulsion. The prepared emulsion may be applied to the mould/ formwork by brush, swab or spray. The product should not be over applied as this may lead to discolouration and retardation of the setting process. Mould Release Oil B must not be applied neat.   Typical Test Data Density @ 15oC (Neat) 0.9 Estimated Coverage 6.8 m2 /L pH (10% emulsion) 9.3 Storage - Barrels of lubricant should always be stored in such a way that will prevent the ingress of water when stored in the open. Protect from frost.