Relax Multi Pool Granules - 5kg


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Relax Multi Pool Granules Key Features/Characteristics Fast dissolving stabilised chlorine granules Contains clarifier & Algaecide. Used for daily disinfection Minimal effect on pH Part of the System Ideal free chlorine range: 1 – 3mg/l (ppm) Application Instructions 1. Maintain pH level within the ideal range of 7.2 – 7.6. If the not in this range, adjust. 2. This product may be applied directly to pools where temperatures exceed 20oC. If below this temperature or in doubt pre-dissolve this product in a clean plastic container at a maximum rate of 100g of product per 2.2 gallons (10lt) of water. Stir well to ensure product is fully dissolved. Add the resulting solution to the pool or spa whilst the pump(s) are turned ‘on’ preferably near the water inlets to aid distribution. 3. Repeat dose application if necessary to achieve ideal chlorine levels. 4. It is recommended that you periodically (e.g. weekly/fortnightly) shock or oxidise your water.