Relax Energize Sachets 30g x 30


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Oxygen based shock treatment formulated to revitalise spa and above ground pool water. Eliminates water contaminants and restores water clarity without shock-chlorination. Dosage Ensure that circulation pump is on before sprinkling Energize into the water. Add one sachet per 1,500 litres(330 gallons) of spa or pool water per week. Allow 15 minutes after treatment before using the pool or spa. Energize should be used in conjunction with your normal sanitizer. Your spa or pool should be maintained at either 3 parts per million of chlorine or 4 ppm of bromine.
  • Revitalise spa and pool water
  • Use as a weekly treatment or after heavy use
  • Shock treats water without adding excessive chlorine
  • Quick dissolving
  • 30g sachet