Relax Multifuctional Chlorine 20g Tablets - 1kg


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Chlorine is a very popular sanitiser for pools and spa hot tubs and these Relax small chlorine tablets are designed for a chlorine feeder or small floating tablet dispenser. Regularly check chlorine levels with a test kit and maintain a level of chlorine between 2-3mg/l(ppm) If feeder or dispenser is low, top up with tablets -1Kg Tub -Small 20g chlorine tablet General Precautions: Never mix with any other chemicals, including cleaning products, weedkillers and other chlorine products, as a dangerous reaction may occur. Aways handle products in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling pool chemicals. Store in a dry place, ensure chemicals do not become damp in storage. Instruction and dosages given are for a guide for most effective use.
  • Small 20 gram chlorine tablets
  • For use in a chlorine feeder or flaoting tablet dispenser
  • For swimming pools and spa hot tubs
  • 1Kg Tub