Water Lily Special Absorbent box of 6


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  • Placed on the surface of the water in the skimmer basket, Water Lily absorbs and retains greasy substances caused by water circulation over time. Water Lily becomes a darker brown colour depending on the nature of the pollutants: creams and solar oils, pollens, air pollution.
  • It will help to clean your pool or hot tub. Absorbs (sunscreen) body fat in the water of your swimming pool.
  • Water Lily is a very effective specific absorbent of greasy residues on the surface of the water thanks to its microfiber composition treated specifically to attract oily molecules. This selective absorbent ensures a clean and clear water surface. The central clip ensures perfect flotation and its special flower shape increases the perimeter where greasy residues are concentrated.
  • Thanks to its grease-attracting and hydrophobic properties, the fibre material of Water Lily specifically absorbs all the oily residue present on the surface of the water and without the use of chemicals.
  • For pool and hot tub cleaning, Water Lily comes in a box of 6 for easy storage.