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Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous HP Sodium sulphite (also known as sodium sulphate or sulphate of soda) is the inorganic compound with formula Na2SO4 as well as several related hydrates. All forms are white solids that are highly soluble in water. With an annual production of 6 million tonnes, the decahydrate is a major commodity chemical product. It is mainly used as a filler in the manufacture of powdered home laundry detergents and in the Kraft process of paper pulping for making highly alkaline sulphides. Sodium sulphate has unusual solubility characteristics in water. Its solubility in water rises more than tenfold between 0 °C and 32.384 °C, where it reaches a maximum of 49.7 g/100 mL. At this point the solubility curve changes slope, and the solubility becomes almost independent of temperature. This temperature of 32.384 °C, corresponding to the release of crystal water and melting of the hydrated salt, serves as an accurate temperature reference for thermometer calibration. About one third of the world's sodium sulphate is produced as by-product of other processes in chemical industry. Most of this production is chemically inherent to the primary process, and only marginally economical. By effort of the industry, therefore, sodium sulphate production as by-product is declining. The most important chemical sodium sulphate production is during hydrochloric acid production, either from sodium chloride (salt) and sulfuric acid, in the Mannheim process, or from sulphur dioxide in the Hargreaves process. The resulting sodium sulphate from these processes is known as salt cake. The anhydrous form Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous HP, is known as the rare mineral thenardite, and is used as a drying agent in organic synthesis. It works as an electrolyte replenisher and is used in isosmotic solutions, this is so that administration does not disturb the normal electrolyte balance, leading to the absorption or excretion of water and ions. To view our full range of industrial products, click here. Please note this product can only be delivered to commercial premises.