AdBlue Test Kit

AdBlue Test Kit

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Safety Information

The box material is polypropylene - DIMENSIONS width 17.2cm wide x depth 9.4cm x height 25.7cm

CONTENTS: 100ml syringe and tubing, hydrometer and jar, oil test papers, instruction leaflet. Total WEIGHT: 585g

Glass hydrometer supplied in a protective polypropylene case (SIZE 15cm) with a scale specific to AdBlue

Glass hydrometer jar supplied in a protective polypropylene case (SIZE 15.8cm high x 3.5cm diameter). This will test the specific gravity or relative density of your product to see if it is within the limits of AdBlue specifications

Oil test paper strips X 100. These will detect the presence of oil or fuel contaminants in your product.

Syringe (with tubing).

Instruction leaflet.