Bromine Cool Pool Tester & Refill Kit

Bromine Cool Pool Tester & Refill Kit

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Safety Information

Accurate and easy to use. Uses test tablets (photometer grade); for pH measurements, use only the dedicated Phenol Red tablets (which we supply), or the tablets from the Cool Pool Tester Refill Kit ONLY. WE INCLUDE A REFILL KIT WITH EVERY NEW COOL POOL TESTER.

Digital screen provides levels of free and total bromine, pH and total alkalinity. 9V battery required (type 6LR61/PP3).

The refill pack is specially designed for the Cool Pool Tester, and includes: - 30 x DPD1 tablets (Free Bromine) - 20 x DPD3 tablets (Total Bromine) - 10 x Alkaphot tablets (Total Alkalinity) - 30 x Phenol Red tablets (pH) - 1 x replacement sample cell - 1 x crushing rod The Phenol Red tablets are unique to this instrument and should not be substituted by other types.