Bromine Tablets 5kg

Bromine Tablets 5kg

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Safety Information

dangerous for the environmentdangerous for the environment
R22 Harmful if swallowed
R31 Contact with acids liberates toxic gas.
R34- Causes burns.
R50 Very toxic to aquatic organisms.

Bromine Tablets 18-20g. Size: 5kg, approx 250 tablets

Contain Bromochloro5, 5-Dimethyl Hydantoin

Bromine source. Sanitiser and disinfectant for routine use. Ideal for higher water temperatures  eg. spa pools. Dissolve slowly - ideal as a slow release donor. Use in brominator or floating dispenser.


Place Bromine Mini Tablets in your pool skimmer basket(s), or in a Floating Dispenser, or in a suitable erosion feeder or 'brominator'. Adjust the dosing frequency to maintain your bromine level inside the target range.