Melchlorite Chlorine Granules 45kg

Melchlorite Chlorine Granules 45kg

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Safety Information

Melchlorite 45kg

Not all calcium hypochlorite’s are the same. The percentage of available active chlorine, water and insoluble matter contained in a tablet of calcium hypochlorite, all contribute to the effectiveness of the product, and will affect the operating costs of your pool. Chlorine content Melclorite N.X contains 10% more chlorine/kg than any other leading brands of calcium hypochlorite in the UK.

The higher the chlorine content the less calcium hypochlorite required, high levels of insoluble matter can block solution lines and dosing delivery equipment, which result in increased maintenance costs.

Melclorite N.X is manufactured in Japan with a patented process and has 3 to 5 times less insoluble matter, than many other leading brands.

Melclorite N.X is considered to be the safest calcium hypochlorite available in the world with 12.5% water content. Other brands have a water content of 5.5% or less.

The higher the percentage of water in a tablet, the lower the level of flammability, producing a safer product.

The pH level of all types of calcium hypochlorite is approximately the same; between 10.5 and 11.5 (measured at 10,000 mg/l). The pH level of Melclorite N.X is 11.45, however, because the chlorine content is much higher, it is expected that pH correction will be reduced.

Melclorite NX may costs less than many other leading brands. Pools that have moved over to Melclorite N.X have quickly noticed the significant cost and time saving benefits of the product.

Melclorite N.X is made from chlorine granules and therefore, are less prone to breakage, resulting in minimum waste and dust.

Further to this, in the dosing unit, the granules erode slowly and in a uniform manner; resulting in a steady flow of chlorine through the pool plant pipe work.

Melclorite N.X is suitable for, and had been used, effectively in many types of calcium hypochlorite dosing units.