Melchlorite Granules 25kg

Melchlorite Granules 25kg

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Safety Information

Melchlorite is the most cost effective calcium hypochlorite available in the UK.

Not all calcium hypochlorites are the same. The percentage of available active chlorine, water and insoluble matter contained in a calcium hypochlorite product all contribute to the effectiveness of the product, and will affect the operating costs of your pool.

Chlorine content

Melchlorite  contains 10% - 15% more chlorine than any other leading brands of calcium hypochlorite in the UK. The higher the chlorine content the less calcium hypochlorite required. 10 drums of standard product = 9 drums of Melclorite N.X.

What is insoluble matter?

High levels of insoluble matter can block solution lines and dosing delivery equipment, which result in increased maintenance costs. Melchlorite is manufactured in Japan using a patented process and has 3 to 5 times less insoluble matter than many other leading brands.