Sandalwood Milk 5L

Sandalwood Milk 5L

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Size: 5L

SANDALWOOD MILK is a milky, white water-based emulsion of natural Oil of Sandalwood, an essential oil extracted from trees of the Santalum family. It is highly prized for its aromatic and medicinal properties. SANDALWOOD has a rich, sweet, woody, floral fragrance, and is said to help with bronchitis, laryngitis, depression and stress.

SANDALWOOD MILK is intended for use in saunas and steam rooms as an aromatic addition to the water used for the production of steam. SANDALWOOD MILK has no residual odours.

SANDALWOOD MILK is normally diluted at a rate of 1 part MILK to 20 parts water, although it is possible to use alternative dilution rates if a stronger or milder aroma is required.