Therapeutic Rasul Muds from Easy Chemicals

Therapeutic Rasul Muds from Easy Chemicals

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From Lake Techirghol in Romania and the Dead Sea in Jordan, to the hot springs of Napa Valley in California and the volcanic regions of Indonesia and Colombia, muds high in therapeutic minerals come from many sources and have been used for thousands of years as an aid to better health and our sense of well-being. Incorporated with heat and steam, the age-old bathing ritual using mineral laden muds has its roots in Arabia. For King Solomon, Cleopatra and the harems of the Ottoman Empire, the benefits of mud were well known and were an integral part of daily life in many ancient civilisations. The Atlas Mountain region of Morocco, where the term Rhassoul is derived, is a prime source of muds which were formed in deposits as long ago as the Jurassic period, between 208 and 144 million years ago. This was a time when dinosaurs lunched on lush ferns and the oceans were over flowing with fish and other creatures. Salts and muds born out of alluvial plains, such as those from the Dead Sea, contain a good deal of organic matter: little wonder that these muds are rich in curative minerals.

The benefits of muds and salts

Users of Rasul mud can expect an improvement in the complexion, alleviation of the effects of rheumatic pain and, by encouraging blood flow and stimulation of the lymph systems, the treatment removes toxins that build up in the body which can often leave us feeling sluggish and tired. An overall sense of renewed well-being can be achieved in an atmosphere that can be undertaken alone, with a partner, or in a small group.

Types of mud

The finest quality Rasul muds are packed with minerals and can be personalised to meet your needs. Some muds are finer than others. The more creamy textured varieties can be used on your face, décolleté and scalp; the coarser muds are used on legs and arms, elbows and knees, particularly if they are mixed with salt granules to boost their exfoliation qualities. The different colours of mud determine the types of minerals to be found in them. These colours range from white and grey to pale blues, vibrant yellows, rich copper and volcanic pinks and blacks. The purity of Rasul mud is attributed to the deposits in which is was formed and contain trace elements of iron, potassium, copper and zinc, as well as magnesium and lithium. Black muds from the Dead Sea are capable of high heat retention, added to their inherent silicates and carbonates, this makes them a natural choice to help with the treatment of medical conditions such as rheumatism and some skin disorders.

An experience that awakens our five senses.

Relaxing music in a calm environment along and with the smell of mineral muds and salt scrubs all add to the overall experience of the ritual of Rasul bathing. After taking a shower, and a few minutes in a steam room to open the pores in your skin, the mineral mud is applied to the scalp, face, and body.The introduction of a gentle steam gently acts a detoxing agent and works to de-stress the body whilst the mud does its work. The mud is then washed away under a warm shower, often with the aid of a delicious smelling, oil based salt scrub, leaving your skin wonderfully soft and smooth; and the mind and body feeling rejuvenated.