Q:How do I purchase products from the EasyChemicals on-line store ?

A:We have worked hard to make buying from EasyChemicals as secure and simple as possible.

We ONLY supply our products on-line; we don’t accept orders by post, fax or telephone; this helps us keep our overheads as low as possible, which means that our prices are as low as possible too!

The ‘Shopping Cart’ will store items you have placed while you continue shopping.

Each item for sale has an ‘Add to Cart’ button.  You may see a number already in the box next to the ‘Add to Cart’.  This is the minimum order we will send of that product.

When you press this button your order will automatically update with the total quantity and value of your cart contents. Simply enter the quantity of each product you wish to purchase before clicking ‘Add to Cart’. You can change this quantity until you ‘Checkout’ of the shop, simply by clicking on the ‘Quantity’ box.

The ‘Shopping Cart’ allows you to continue shopping, remove items or amend quantities, then Checkout and place your secure order when you are sure that the order is complete.

It is only at this time that you will be asked for your name and address and other delivery details, and then your credit/debit card details for online authorisation.

To search for a further item, simply click on the ‘Continue Shopping’ tab on the left. This will take you to the product area, where you can make your further selections.

Q:Is my transaction secure ?

A:Every on-line transaction made within the EasyChemicals shop is transmitted across the Internet using SSL encryption. This industry-standard method ensures that information sent from your browser is scrambled whilst in transit and decoded when it arrives on our server. You are far safer using your credit card within the EasyChemicals shop than you are in a restaurant in your local high street.

We take the issue of security very seriously and have taken every step possible to protect you. Our servers sit behind a state-of-the-art hardware firewall. We will not store any credit or debit card details on our system, in order to protect your privacy. We use the SagePay system to communicate direct with your Bank to ensure that your details are safe.

Q:What if I have problems ordering ?

A:Common reasons for problems when pressing the ‘Checkout’ button are:

– You are browsing from behind a corporate firewall that will not allow secure connections. Speak to the system administrator at your office. They will either fix the problem or, if all else fails you can email us and we will raise a Pro-Forma Invoice.

One issue that occasionally causes customers to experience problems when placing orders relates to the use of ‘Cookies’. Cookies are small text files which are saved on your PC when you visit our site. They help our website to ‘remember’ where you are in the shopping process. Occasionally, a cookie can become corrupted, and you might then encounter problems with the order process. If this happens, just clear the whole cookie file (look up the Help menu in your browser to learn how to do this for your particular software version), then close and re-open your browser. You should then be able to place your order without further difficulty.

You can delete cookies at any time, but if you set your PC to reject cookies ALL the time you won’t be able to shop on our website !

Cookies are held in memory until you close your browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Firefox). If you delete the cookie file with your browser open, it will simply make a new cookie file when you close it, and your cookies will re-appear immediately. Note that deleting your cookie file entirely will cause you to ‘start from scratch’ with every web site you usually visit, which may slow down your browsing a little.

If you are still having problems, e-mail us on help@easychemtrade.co.uk

Q:Who is responsible for delivering my order ?

A:EasyChemicals uses reputable carriers, and your order is fully insured in transit. We may use different carriers from time to time.

Q:Do I have a guarantee ?

A:Our no-questions money-back guarantee means that you can shop at EasyChemicals with complete confidence. Faulty or damaged goods will be exchanged in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Q:What about VAT ?

A:Our prices are given without VAT, and our final invoice on Checkout provides a breakdown which shows VAT separately. If you are VAT registered and wish to reclaim the VAT, this is your tax invoice.

Q:What if I don’t receive my order ?

A:Firstly, check the confirmation for your order. You should receive this by e-mail after you have completed your on-line order.

Even the best carriers sometimes have problems, and your order may simply be delayed.

Please contact us using the ‘Contact’ form straight away and we will be delighted to help.

Q:When is my credit/debit card debited ?

A:An authorisation takes place when you make your order, but this simply guarantees that the funds are available on your card and that payment will be made to us.

Q:What happens if my card authorisation fails ?

A:If the authorisation fails, the most likely explanation is that you have input your card details incorrectly. If this happens, press the back button on your browser and you will be back in the card input page. Check that all the details are correct, and make any changes necessary before proceeding once more.

If all the details are correct but you are still having problems, then we would advise that you contact the card issuer to check for any reasons why your card was not authorised.

Q:What risks are involved in buying online ?

A:From a shopper’s point of view, the risks involved in buying online are very low. All personal data, including your card number, is transmitted over secure connections, meaning that no-one can capture your details.

If your goods do not turn up and you have not managed to resolve the problem through us, then contact your card issuer. You are protected because the transaction was carried out as ‘cardholder not present.’ This means that any payments will be refunded to your card should it be used fraudulently by someone else, or if you do not receive your order.

Q:Will EasyChemicals give my details on to other companies ?

A:No. We have a deep dislike of junk mail of all kinds !

Most orders delivered in five working days

We comply with all legislation regarding our products

Returnable packaging on selected items

Bulk order discounts

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